Guide to Choose the Best Vastu Colour for Kitchen in 2023

Guide to Choose the Best Vastu Colour for Kitchen in 2023

Vastu Shastra is popular in an ancient nation like India. One of the oldest branches of science that are still practised today. The Vastu science related to home guides through complex topics like which way a house should face for prosperity and how kitchen colour choices might lead to a healthier lifestyle. You may significantly improve your ability to focus and have a better, more fulfilling life by focusing on the colour and aesthetics of your home. 

According to Vastu, a kitchen is one of a house’s most significant rooms. The source of all energy in a home is primarily the kitchen. Your mood may be improved or affected by the food you prepare in the kitchen, depending on how the colour scheme interacts with the environment. Check out this blog post about Vastu colours for kitchen fromkharthikeya paintingworks contractors and if you want to change the colours in your kitchen to conform to its principles and guidelines.

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According to Vastu Which Colour is Good for Kitchen?

The kitchen’s energy is greatly influenced by the walls, slab, cabinet, tiles, and trolley colours. Hence the kitchen colour as per Vastu shastra is a must. 

The kitchen signifies Fire in Vastu. So, according to Vastu, red and orange are excellent colours for a kitchen. Both the colour orange and the colour red are pleasing hues that may be employed in a variety of ways in a kitchen. Yellow is another colour that represents fire. When applied accordingly, yellow, another lovely and vibrant colour, is incredibly calming to the eyes. 

The pleasant atmosphere in your kitchen space may be amplified significantly with a stroke of pale yellow, vivid orange, or plain red. Try the evergreen white or other variations of brown if you want something new but still keeping with recommended Vastu colours for kitchen walls. 

According to Vastu, a kitchen should be spotless and pure since white is considered pure. Another beautiful colour for the kitchen is light brown when used sparingly. In addition to this, the colour brown signifies stability and dramatically impacts a person’s appetite.

Kitchen Wall Colour as per Vastu Shastra 

Are you still debating the recommended Vastu colour for kitchen slab? 

Wall Vastu colours for the kitchen may help you balance the energies in your cooking area and give the overall setup a fresh new look. 

Kitchen Slab Colour as per Vastu Shastra

Based on the position of your kitchen, Vastu provides recommendations for the colour and kind of kitchen slab to be utilised. A kitchen facing south or southeast is said to have the most pleasing effect, while a kitchen facing north is strictly forbidden, according to Vastu. The aetiology does, however, go to great length about how to use the Vastu colour for kitchen in the best way possible when designing your kitchen for a better way of life.

Kitchen Floor Tiles as per Vastu Shastra

Vastu compliance frequently makes it possible for a home to be wealthy and healthy, even in the kitchen. According to Vastu, it is suggested to utilise black or dark kitchen floor tiles. Ceramic or marble floor tiles are pleasing, according to Vastu. The best colours are cream, light brown, or beige because they are more hospitable and cosy, which promotes stable partnerships.

Vastu-Compliant Colours for a Modern Kitchen

Choosing a Vastu-compliant colour that offers a modular kitchen a contemporary appearance may be complex. Here are some of the approved Vastu colours for kitchen cabinets. They are shades of red, maroon, or orange, as well as green, brown, grey, and white.

Approved Vastu colour for kitchen encourages wealth, health, and luck. Vastu Shastra suggests using natural stones like quartz or granite in the kitchen. If you want to maximise the effect of Vastu principles, use green, orange, or yellow granite instead of black granite. 

The direction of the kitchen has an impact on the colour of the slab as well. Green or brown slabs work well in kitchens that face east. In the northeast, pick a yellow slab for your kitchen. For a kitchen in the south or southeast, brown, maroon, or green slabs are recommended. 

A grey or yellow slab can work nicely in a western kitchen. A kitchen that faces north should be avoided. If avoiding this orientation is not an option, green kitchen platform slabs might be an excellent alternative to mitigate the negative impacts.

Ideally, bright colours are used in kitchens. The best kitchen colours, according to Vastu, are orange and red since the kitchen symbolises the fire element. Hence the colour of a kitchen may also be yellow. Warm colours like pink stand for warmth and tenderness, while brown, the enjoyable colour, is also a Vastu colour for kitchen. The southeast zone is ideal for kitchens.

Vastu Shastra provides comprehensive instructions on constructing a home and living there for greater prosperity and a healthier way of life. With this blog post, you may now choose the best kitchen colours based on Vastu. It might be challenging to execute the ideal Vastu colour for kitchen, though. To get the details correct, you might check out the top painters in Vijayawada. Book now to receive a quote! What are you waiting for, then?